Typing in Latin


Many of the assignments for this class require that you type text in Latin using the corresponding diacritic marks (macrons, diereses, etc.).

MS Word

macronThe graphic on the left shows the letter "a" with a macron. If you're using MS Word on a PC, it's easy to type with macrons without using a special font. This option will work best for you if you always use the same computer to type Latin. Here's how it works:

  1. Open MS Word
  2. Select the menu item INSERT>SYMBOL
  3. In the font box choose the font you normally use
  4. If the special characters are available, a second box ("subset") appears (as it does with the Times font) called "subset." Choose Latin Extended A in this subset box. You should then see all the characters you need. You can either click on a character to insert it from here, or at the bottom of the window you have the option of creating a shortcut.
  5. You will need to specify different shortcut keys for lower- or uppercase characters. For example, you could use alt+the character for lower case and shift+alt+the character for its uppercase equivalent.